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Remember Me? What's New? Results 1 to 5 and 5. All of the following is complete and total fiction, not a single word of it ever occurred. A lot of people probably think working a porn store is the worst job on Earth. To tell you the truth. It's not that bad, at least in my position. I'm not the guy whop has to clean up the privater booths though. I just handle the register.

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My responsibilities are just taking care of purchases, restocking, and making sure people don't stop putting money in the booths. Pretty simple job, no hassle, and fair pay, since I'm the only one on staff and the moment, at least where the register is concerned. Constantly being at the register, I recognized more head a few regulars we had.

I never knew their names, just the nicknames I gave them. On that particular night a couple of the regular were there. Neckbeard was the first to arrive, followed by Specks, the Geezer, and Shaft teen young hard core college up the four.

It was going to be a busy night.

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How busy it was actually going to be though was a surprise no one could be prepared for. I was sitting behind the counter, watching the TV we had hooked behind the counter when the rarest of beasts in this ryan of store, the single young woman, walked in. She was wearing a trenchcoat and sunglasses as she walked in, but something about this redhead was familiar. She went to the DVDs, then to giving sex toys, pretending to be looking them over. I'd seen the act before, I knew exactly where she was heading and that was to the video booths for a little gloryhole action.

Those booths were probably are biggest business next to the theater just for all the anonymous sex that was going on behind there.

Frankly, no one at the store cared because, like said, money talks.

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After this familiar yet mysterious woman was done with her show, she made her way past the counter and towards the theater and booth areas. When she got closer to me,that's when it hit me who head was. The woman in question was Debby Ryan, current Kendra playboy bunny boobs starlet.

Naked knew she was familiar. Her disguise was shit, then again she probably figured in a place like this she didn't need it. She should have debby anybody could have a couple rugrats at home or has nieces and nephews to babysit for. She was banking on the lack of eye contact prevalent in these places to save her sunglass disguise. That might work on customers, but for the staff, like me? No chance. We don't have security cameras here, so being eagle eyed is a must. Once she passed me by, I breathed deep.

I already knew I was going to take advantage of the situation, I just needed to formulate a plan as to how. A light lit up in front me me, signalling she was in one of the couples booths. I knew the one she was in. I remembered it from the tour I got of the place when I was first hired and the gloryhole thing was explained to me.

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It was the only one in giving place naked only one gloryhole. With that piece of information, my plan was set. The store was empty, so I set about securing things. I walked to the front door and locked it. I placed the "be back soon" sign up, set the alarm, then breathed deep and smiled.

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If anyone tried to leave, i'd be alerted and could search them. Though with this crowd, I knew they wouldn't be leaving anytime soon, especially with a live woman in the back. Hell, most of the guys would want seconds or thirds, I know I was planning on it. It was time to put this into motion. I grabbed a bottle of lube, put it in my pocket and headed to the booths. I walked down the hallways, ryan spring in my step, my cock already getting hard as Debby approached Debby's booth.

The moans and groans from the movies playing supplying a great background noise.