I say fuck a lot

Every time I asked my parents about it, they would simply tell me the F stood for "fiddlesticks. That is, until the fateful day I happened to be in lot best latex porn tube my older brother stubbed his toe and screamed out "FUCK!

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After my brother tainted my pure, innocent vocabulary with this vulgar word, I instantly became hooked on dropping F bombs. However, my swearing habits didn't stop there. I was always on a say to find bigger and better curses to add to my ever expanding repertoire of swear words. Since then, I've developed a pretty colorful vocabulary that my mother likes to refer to as "Trucker Mouth Syndrome.

If you're also someone who finds solace in using swear words on the reg, I have some good news for you.

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Science has revealed that cursing can actually be really fucking good for you. So without further adieu, here are all the ways having a potty mouth can actually benefit your life. It was once believed people who use a lot of curse words are less intelligent and have a limited vocabulary.

However, it turns out this idea is a bunch of BS.

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Inresearchers from Marist College and the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts set out to determine whether or not swearing could be used as an indicator of intelligence. Additionally, the study also revealed people who curse fuck actually have a richer vocabulary say those who refrain from using taboo language.

Yelling and cursing tend to have a cathartic effect, which is why so many people find busty nude greek women out swear words so therapeutic.

Studies conducted fuck Richard Stevens of Keele University found that expressing your emotions in the form of explicit language can help you cope with stresselevate endorphin levels and help you calm down.

In the book "Why We Curse," psychologist Dr.

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Therefore, spicing up a story with obscenities might make it seem funnier because it's surprisingly clever, elicits a certain emotional response or generates excitement because it's perceived as a taboo word that's not say to be used. However, research has revealed Millennials actually prefer to work in places that allow obscenities to flow freely. That's right. According to a recent study from Chubby gf in thong67 percent of women and 60 percent of men admit to dropping F bombs in the office.

In fact, the study also found that out of its 1, participants, 40 percent lot women and 47 percent of men actually prefer to work in environments where cursing is commonplace.

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If you drop an F bomb every time you feel pain, you could be making your injuries hurt less without even knowing it. Research published in NeuroReport revealed swearing could actually play a role in raising your tolerance to pain. For the study, a group of researchers had participants submerge their hands in freezing cold water for as long as possible fuck repeatedly saying a swear word.

The experiment was then conducted a second time where the participants were asked to repeat a neutral word.

People Who Curse A Lot Are Smarter, Funnier And Healthier

Apparently, cursing really seemed to help people cope with the pain. Researchers found participants actually had higher heart rates and lower perceived pain when they used swear words.

However, research has found swearing can actually reduce violence since it allows you to seek retribution without physically harming another person. Let's be real, I think we can all agree calling someone a "stupid motherfucker" is a much better way to get your aggression out than punching them in the face. Timothy Jaythe psychologist behind the book, "Why We Curse," says "one positive aspect of cursing is that it replaces more primitive physical aggressions.

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