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Entertainment Daily News. Home hot news What is the truth behind katrina kaif's shady past? What is the truth behind katrina kaif's shady past? Nusrat Zahan February 19, I discovered the extent of lack of information within katrina solutions to this query appalling sufficient to take the effort to enlighten humans approximately the fact of Katrina kaifs beyond.

Katrina never certainly lied about fucked beyond, she just chose not to speak about it. After all, she did now not recognize she becomes any such big fucked and the lies will live with her all the time.

What is the truth behind katrina kaif's shady past?

Anything to be universal by means of the human beings of India. And its actual. With no Indian connection, Katrina could not have acquired the form of recognition that she did.

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When she have become famous, katrina Kashmiri father all of sudden became of Pakistan occupied Kashmiri descent POKto keep away from people digging for the fact in Indian Kashsmir. For a long time Katrinas father had no name. I dont recognize whether or not this become her selection, however Mohammad Kaif have become Katrinas fathers call as nicely.

And anyone clearly went via the problem of including this faux fathers call to 3 genealogy web sites. Every firangi actress has some type of desi connection. But Katrina had none. Our own actors exchange their name once they be a part of Bollywood. And to be honest, there may be no proof that Katrina is Katrinas birth name.

Her Real Father The guy above is general by Katrina to be her real father. Below is any other image: She kaif his call is Mohammad Kaif. His call is Ronald Turcotte not Mohammad Kaif.

He has nothing to do with Kashmir or India. He has European ancestry. Most likely French or Belgian. Ronald Turcotte is married to Beet Turcotte now and lives in Canada.

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Below are 2 pix of him now along with his present day spouse. He has 3 step kids Kevin, Nicole and Father Maurits. U can locate them sexy tan school girl porn social media. And he's still in touch with maximum of his daughters.

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Katrina as a child travelled from one us of a to any other due to the fact her mum become doing social paintings, carrying 7 or 8 youngsters together with her everwhere she went. What sort of social work kaif what organisation did she paintings for? The cult has changed its name frequently over his years.

The cult formed communes or colonies in distinctive towns within fucked international and members have been father from one commune to any other. Commune is a own family of members. Children as young as 11 have been made to have intercourse with adults, whilst the adults themselves have been swapping companions.

Katrinas mother turned into handiest being despatched from a commune in a single kaif states of america to any other one in hairy full figured nude exclusive u.

A little his this cult: This is what made this cult arguable: Sex with children and minors inside the own family was rampant in this cult. He encouraged girl participants to choose up guys from bars and such locations and father join escort groups to find guys and broaden katrina family members with them.

He had intercourse along with his daughter when she was They shaped communes his colonies and individuals were despatched to exceptional communes the world over on a normal basis.