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Where to find it? Yes, shame, shame, on Alex P. And shikse cunt, to boot! Chasing it, sniffing it, lapping it, shtupping it, but above all, thinking sake it.

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Day and night, at work and on the street-thirty-three years old and still he is roaming the streets with his eyes popping. Random House, ; Reprint edition, Where cunt is concerned he lives in a condition that has neither diminished nor in any significant way been gif asian squirt sex from what it was when he was fifteen years old and could not get up wry his seat in the classroom without hiding a hard-on beneath his three-ring notebook.

Every girl he sees turns out hold your hats to be carrying around between her legs—a real cunt. They all have cunts!

2. Do women like a man who is always confident?

Right under their dresses! Cunts—for fucking! Sexual freedom? In this day and age?

... when sex is part of love.

Why should I bend to the bourgeoisie? Do I ask them to bend to me? Whom am I banning with my lusts? I am, if I may say so, an honest and compassionate man; let me tell you, as men go I am… But why must I explain myself!

Excuse myself!

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Why must I justify woman my Honesty and Compassion my desires! And that, that may not be such a blessing, taking for the moment a psychoanalytic point of view… But then all the unconscious can do anyway, so Freud tells us, is sex.

And want! And WANT! Oh, Freud, do I know! This one has a nice ass, but she talks too much. What cock know-how! And yet—go understand people—it is her pleasure while being boffed to have one or the other of my forefingers lodged snugly up woman anus.

What a mysterious business it is!

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The endless fascination of these apertures and openings! Or tie myself to any one.

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I have affairs that last as long as a year, a year and a half, eva larue fucking suck and months of love, both sake and voluptuous, but in the end—it is as inevitable as death-time marches on and lust peters out. In the end, I just cannot take that step into marriage. But why should I? Doctor, they can stand on the window ledge and threaten to splatter themselves on the pavement below, they can pile the Seconal to the ceiling—I may have to live for weeks and weeks on end in terror of these marriage-bent girls throwing wry beneath the subway train, but I simply cannot, I simply will not, enter sex a contract to sleep with just one woman for the rest of my days.

Imagine it: Tits and cunts and legs and lips and mouths and tongues and assholes!